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1) The Dramatics Introduction Medley [Live]

2) Hey You! Get Off My Mountain [Live]

3) Watcha See Is Whatcha Get [Live]

4) I Can't Get Over You [Live]

5) You're Fooling You [Live]

6) Door To Your Heart [Live]

7) Treat Me Like A Man (Dramatics Theme Song) [Live]

8) Just Shopping (Not Buying Anything) [Live]

9) Shake It Well [Live]

10) I Cried All The Way Home [Live]

11) Ocean Of Thoughts And Dreams [Live]

12) My Ship Won't Sail Without You [Live]

13) (I'm Going By) The Stars In Your Eyes [Live]

14) And I Panicked [Live]

15) Welcome Back Home [Live]

16) Stop Your Weeping [Live]

17) Thankful For Your Love [Live]

18) Fall In Love, Lady Love [Live]

19) Doggy Dogg World [Live]

20) In The Rain [Live]

21) Fell For You [Live]

22) James Brown Medley [Live]

23) Me And Mrs. Jones [Live]

24) Be My Girl [Live]

25) A Dramatics Group Introduction/Toast To The Fool Medley [Live]

26) Key To The World [Live]

27) Get Up And Get Down [Live]